Mini Old Navy Haul


Old Navy had a sale before the holidays and I couldn’t resist a few items, so here’s a mini Old Navy haul!



First off is a cute 3-piece pyjama. I just couldn’t resist that rockin’ bear haha



Then there’s this beautiful shirt. I love when he wears those kind of shirts and he didn’t have any in his size anymore so I just had to buy one!



Lastly, this will be more for summer, but who can resist a batman shirt this cute? Not me!


Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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Fall Old Navy Haul

Now that the weather where I live is fall worthy, I needed to buy a few fall clothes for my baby since his wardrobe mainly consisted of shorts and t-shirts. As usual, I went on my trusty Old Navy website (I say trusty because ever since I had my baby this is the only play I can find cute baby clothes). Here’s what I bought this year:


Here’s a mash-up of everything I bought. In total there’s three shirts, three pairs of pants and four pajamas. I’ll be using the names on the receipt.


Top left corner: “I Hear Music” Tee, black 2T; Top right corner: Plaid Poplin Shirt, Gray/Red 2T; Bottom middle: Button-Neck Cable-Knit sweatshirt, Grey 2T


From left to right: Boot-Cut Jeans, Medium Wash 2T; Boot-cut Jeans, Dark Wash 2T; Loose-Fit Jeans, Medium Wash 2T


From left to right: DC Comics Batman PJ Set 2T; Bear Graphic PJ Set 2T; Ski Wolf PJ Set 2T; Robot PJ Set 2T


Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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Children’s Place&Carters Haul

On the first week of July, we went on a mini vacation to my hometown and there I couldn’t help myself but buy a few items for my son. Sometimes I just can’t resist the cuteness!

Let’s start with Children’s Place since I didn’t buy much there.

I simply couldn’t resist those two shirts. I’m in love with the minions and I feel like monkeys are my son’s theme 🙂


Since we didn’t find much at Children’s Place (and my baby still needed some pajamas and shorts) we decided to go to Carters

I just adored the colors on this outfit. And I couldn’t resist those cute shorts!



Of course, I couldn’t not buy this ensemble with a cute monkey on it! Sadly, the lady didn’t give me the right size (and I didn’t think to check). Instead of a 18m it’s a 12m :S He won’t be able to wear it for long 😦



Lastly I found a pajama that was perfect. It’s a three piece with the t-shirt, a pair of shorts and long pants. I was looking for ensembles like that because I think he’s going to stay in 18m for a while so I was looking for pajamas that would do in summer and in autumn.


There we go! My little shopping spree in my hometown 🙂 I’ll be posting our little adventure there on Monday.


Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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Old Navy Haul!

Today I will simply show you clothes I bought for Xavier to wear this summer (I’ll be using the terms on my receipt to describe the clothes)



Here we go!

This time, I decided to buy pieces and make sure they had a pair, so here’s our first set:  a navy blue patterned poplin shirt with pull-on cargo shorts



Then we have a set resembling the last one, but is composed of a light blue plaid poplin shirt and chambray cargo shorts



Next up is a turtle graphic tee with plaid madras shorts



I wanted something a bit more warm and fancy in case we have events that ask for fancy attire, so here’s a dress shirt with a tie and straight fit dark jeans



Next up is a simple pajama



Last, but not least, I couldn’t help myself and I bought this:



There we go! My last spending spree for a while.


Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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Old Navy/Think Geek Haul

Lately, my son has been growing so fast, I’ve been having a hard time keeping up! I had JUST finished stocking up on 12months clothes that he started outgrowing them! Since I had to start over with 18months+ clothes I thought I’d be the perfect opportunity to shop on Old Navy, and while I was at it, I checked out Think Geek’s website.

When we came back from our holiday vacation, there were two packages waiting for me at the door.


(I opened the Think Geek box before vacation, I’ll show pictures of the content at the end)

Excited like a little girl in front of a candy shop, I opened up the packages


Here it is all unpacked


Let’s see what we have here. Three blue onesies, one with monkeys, one plain blue and one striped blue. A shirt that says “Here comes trouble”, one that says “Love Machine” and another one from the Lion King that says “King of the jungle”. Then we have two onesies, one striped marine blue and the other one striped green. Another pair of shirts, one that says “Jedi Master, Strong am I in the force” and the other one that says “Heart Breaker”. And the last one is a pajama with a bear wearing headphones, sunglasses and a tie. All of these are 18-24months.

Last, but not least, we have my favorite piece:


A beautiful coat, that will hopefully fit him during spring!

Oh and let’s not forget the little items I bought on Think Geek:


Here we have a Big Bang Theory onesie that says Sheldon’s famous line “Bazinga!”, another star wars themed piece that says “Y is for Yoda”, and a Minecraft onesie with the face of a creeper on it!

Hopefully, I won’t have to buy anymore clothes anytime soon. Not that I don’t enjoy it, I’ve always loved looking at baby clothes. But it IS putting a hole in the wallet 😛 Plus, I want my baby to stay small forever!

Until Next Time

Young Mom♥

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