The Croods

The Croods

Released in March 2013, The Croods is a 3D computer-animated adventure comedy produced by DreamWorks Animation.

The story follows a family of caveman, the Croods, as they live under their father’s strict care and try to survive while living under a cave. One night, the eldest daughter, Eep, defies her father’s orders by going out of the cave at night and meets a young man, Guy, that tells her about the end of the world. After a huge earthquake that destroys their cave, the Croods are forced to go up the mountain and jump in unknown territory where everything is quite strange. With the help of Guy, they try to reach a mountain far away and get to “Tomorrow”

I didn’t quite know what to expect of this movie. All I knew was it seemed funny, but I wasn’t expecting much of a story. I was quite surprised by how it turned out. The story itself is just a family meeting a new guy and trying to survive the end of the world together, but when you look deeper there is such a big meaning inside of it. For example, you can learn that it’s okay to change how you do things, to go in the unknown. I also got surprisingly attached to the characters, especially the father, which surprised me since he annoyed me at the beginning. I definitely recommend watching this movie no matter how old you are. It may be animated, which sometimes hint that it’s for kids, but it is a wonderful movie to learn lessons you might not have learned yet.


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