Professional Goal Update #1

I’ve been struggling for the past weeks to find the perfect solution where we could have a house, a second baby not too far apart from our son and where I’d still get to study in what I want. I even made three scenarios and worked out in each of them when I would start school, when my toddler would start kindergarten and when we would be able to have a second baby.

The first scenario is me starting school this September. I like this scenario because it means I would get to start studying what I want sooner. The problem with this scenario is that it would mean that my son would need to go in daycare sooner than what I would have wanted, unless my in-laws accept to babysit him. If they do that, than I would feel more comfortable if I didn’t have too much school hours during the day so that their day isn’t wasted, which would mean it would take 4 years instead of 3 to finish the program. Since I can’t have a baby while in school, it would mean that my son would be about 6 years when he gets a sibling and I don’t want them to be this far apart. It would also mean that I would have to pay for my school and my son’s school at the same time for 2 years.

The second scenario would be for me to wait a year to let us settle in our new home and get back on track financially before adding the costs of school. This scenario pretty much gives the same result as the first scenario. Since my son would be 3 when I would start school, I wouldn’t mind as much his going to daycare so I would be able to do the program in 3 years. It would still mean we would have our second baby way later than what I would like and it would still mean I would be stuck paying for my son’s school and mine at the same time for 2 years.

The last scenario is simply us taking a year to settle then having our second baby. I would wait for the second baby to go to daycare before starting school. I’m thinking it would take about 3 years before the second baby would go in daycare, but depending on the finances it might be sooner if I need to get a full time job for us to be able to live properly.

With all these scenarios I really wanted to go for the first one, but the thing is, the houses are pretty pricey where we want to move. I thought I could find one in our price range where we could afford it with only me working part time, and I found some that looked okay. They weren’t exactly what we wanted, but they were houses we would’ve been able to live in fine until we could renovate to our taste. Sadly, all those houses aren’t in good places. One of them is too far from the city, another one is right next to train tracks and then there’s one that has a farm behind it (we would smell cow poop all summer). All the other houses are either in really bad shape or too pricey; which means scenario number 3 it is.

With scenario number 3 in mind, the plan now is to finish the secretary course I signed up in back in November and get a job in that. I’m hoping I’ll still be able to stay home more than a year with the second baby, but I guess we’ll have to see when we get there.


Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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