Upside Down

Upside Down

Upside Down is a romantic sci-fi movie release in USA on the 15 March 2013, from what I can gather it was originally released sometime in 2012.

In a world where there are two gravities, there is a town Up Above and a town Down Below (Up Above is like Down Below’s sky and vice versa). A young boy from Down Below manages to reach the edge of the gravities and meets a girl from Up Above. Both of them start meeting up there throughout the years and during their teens they start dating. Since contact between Up Above folks and Down Below folks is prohibited, they get caught while Adam tries to bring back Eden in her gravity safely with a rope. The rope gets cut and Eden falls to the ground in her gravity. Seeing blood come out of her head, Adam is certain she’s dead. About 10 years later, Adam learns that Eden is still alive and decides to do everything he can to get to her and see her again.

This movie is basically like Romeo and Juliet in the sense that there are two lovers from different worlds that can’t be together because of that, but they still try to make it work. What made this movie different from every star-crossed lovers movies is the fact that the different worlds isn’t just the poor vs rich that we keep seeing. Yes Up Above is richer than Down Below, but they’re also in different gravities; which means, Adam needs to find a way to be able to be in Up Above without falling back in his gravity, because when he’s in Up Above it’s like he’s filled with helium and just flies in the sky and when he gets back in his gravity he because like a rock and falls down. It was very hard to get used to that concept while watching the movie, but it was worth it. I was pleasantly surprised at how I enjoyed the movie. I didn’t think I would at first, but it became so intense when Adam started hitting road blocks that I got sucked into the story; so much that there is one question at the end that I need it to be answered.


In the end, Eden is in Adam’s gravity without needing some Down Below weight material stuff that Adam needed to use to be in Up Above because she’s pregnant with Adam’s babies. My question is, if the mother is from Up Above and the dad from Down Below, what will the twin’s gravity be? Another small question, once she gives birth, is Eden going to fall back in her gravity?


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Young Mom ❤

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