Written by Mary Shelley and first published in 1831, Frankenstein is one of the oldest classic horror stories out there. Everyone knows about Frankenstein’s monster, but I think there aren’t many that take the time to read the original tale. I’ve recently decided to dive in those old tales to know the real story. The story is written as if we’re reading letters from a sailor that met Victor Frankenstein on one of his journeys, then the sailor starts writing the words of Victor as he tells his story.

Victor starts his story off by recalling his childhood and how he got his passion for science. He continues by talking about how he went to a university to study his passion further. That is where he started wanting greatness. He started studying specifically natural philosophy and chemistry, which eventually brought him to the wonder about the principle of life. After several years of study, Victor Frankenstein managed to create life in a being he had sewn himself. Immediately horrified by what he had created, Frankenstein hid himself. After about two years, he finally returned home after learning about his younger brother’s death and after several trials, Victor found himself in front of the monster listening to his story.

I was actually so surprised by the story because almost every movie I’ve watched where the Frankenstein monster was in it he was always pictured as a misunderstood thing that only wanted to live in peace in the shadow. It’s sort of what the monster wanted in the book, but so many things he did made him just an evil monster. At the beginning of his story I felt pity for him, but as he continued the story and as Victor kept going in his tale everything just kept getting more horrible. Even if there were some times where I would just disconnect from the story, I really enjoyed it. It was nice finally knowing the actual tale of one of the most famous monsters out there and I do encourage everyone that hasn’t read it to read it.


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Young Mom ❤

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