A couple weeks ago, I talked about my professional goal and how I had to think about stuff I love that I could turn into passions that could become a job. I think the reason I haven’t had passions is because I’ve just been too lazy to research or pursue any of the things I love to make them a passion. Having that in mind, I thought about the things I love. The few that popped up were Egypt, mythology, books and video games.

  • Egypt: Definitely not something you can turn into a job. I just always loved pyramids, the sphinx and at a certain point in my teenage years I tried to learn how to read hieroglyphs. I don’t know where this love for Egypt came from, but I’ve always had it. Never done much research to actually know many details about it though.
  • Mythology: That love strangely came at the same time as my love for Egypt, even though they’re not really related. From the little bits of research I did, Mythology is related to Greece or at least the Mythology I like. I’ve done a bit of research on that, I even bought a book talking about whose son or daughter is whose. Didn’t get much farther than that. I know the basics about Zeus, Aphrodite and Athena but that’s pretty much it. Again, not really something you can turn into a job.
  • Books: I’ve always loved reading books. I get that love of books from my mom. I spent my 18 years living with her watching her read books. I’ve always been around books and I’ve always loved them. I even love how books smell. I was that kid in school that hated to do book reports only because they forced me to pick a book from their list even though I was already reading one so I had to put aside a book I was really into to read a book that didn’t have such a good story. Just being around books all day would be perfect for me, which is why I thought of being a librarian.
  • Video Games: I love playing video games, but it stops there. Don’t try talking graphics and other technical stuff about video games other than the story because you’ll get me lost. The jobs with the video games that I know about are pretty much just working to create games or be a gamer on Youtube. The first option would be awesome since I love programming (even though I have absolutely no idea how to do it because I didn’t stay long enough in my computer science course), but I’m not sure if I could do that job since I have absolutely no talent in drawing. Being a Youtube Gamer would be the perfect job since I would stay home and play video games all day to make money, but I’ve been trying that out for a while and it’s not taking off so I don’t think I’m fit for that job.

Writing this, I feel like adding passions to my 2015 to-do list. This year, I should research Egypt and Mythology and just get more into the things I love to turn them into passions so I can actually say I know things in depth and not just the basics that pretty much everyone knows. If you want, I can share my findings with you guys! That could be a thing for the Rambling Monday no?


You can share your own passions in the comments below!

Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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