Professional Goal Plan

I started studying in accounting in 2011 or 2012 and never actually finished. I think I didn’t even do ¼ of the course. While studying it I found out it wasn’t actually for me. What made me want to go in this course in the first place was because I was doing a bit of accounting at my job and I enjoyed it a lot. Now that I think back to it, I know what I enjoyed from that part of my job wasn’t the accounting, but the organising that comes with it. So I thought, what’s a quick course I could take that has organising in it and that I can do from home since my baby isn’t in daycare? The only course that popped in my mind was secretary. I did not go far in that. I started the first lesson and quit immediately because it was asking me four places where I would like to work at and I didn’t know what to write! So I thought, I guess this isn’t for me! Then what?

I spent a few days thinking about things and I sadly realized I’m not really passionate about anything. I like some things and love others, but when I see other people talk about their passions, I feel like I somehow don’t love enough those things for them to actually be called a passion; and that thought really saddened me. I’ll get more in detail on passions next week, but for now I’ll just stick with the one I chose. I figured I always loved reading books and loved being around books. I remembered how when I was young my mom would work at my school’s library and I would always help her out. I would even sometimes get taken out of my class so another class could go to the library when my mom was home sick. I don’t know why I haven’t thought of that sooner, but talking about it with my SO and my sister-in-law made me realize I would love to be a librarian or archivist. Just the thought of organizing files or books sounds like heaven to me.

So the first step to get one of those jobs is to study in it. My sister-in-law told me what her friend who’s an archivist studied and I did some research on the course to find out if I could do it from home. Turns out, I can’t and the closest college that gives the course is 3 hours away; and obviously the college is in the big city near where my SO’s parents now live and where I’ve been trying to bury my want to move there. With this course pretty much out of the picture, I had to start thinking of a new plan.

I thought maybe if the library where we live was searching for someone, maybe, just maybe, they wouldn’t mind if I didn’t study in something related to the job. Maybe they’d still take me! So I called and they said they weren’t looking for anyone, so I didn’t get to go far in that path. Right now I’m a bit blocked in my options. I can either try to find out if there’s another library here or try calling libraries near where I would love to move.

I’m yet again stuck on my professional path, but I’ll keep digging in my head trying to find a solution to my problem and try not to depress over it; and keep you guys updated.


Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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