Published in June 2005, Valiant is the second installment in the Modern Faerie Tale trilogy written by Holly Black. Although this book doesn’t follow Kaye and Roiben, it is set in the same universe and there is a tiny part where they mention Roiben and Kaye.

This book follows Val, a high school student that runs away to New York City after discovering her mother and her boyfriend having an affair. She meets a strange group of homeless kids that teach her about faeries. Wanting proof, Lolli brings her to the troll’s bridge and they get caught. Wanting to save her new friend, Val exchanges her services for Lolli’s life, leaving her in the troll’s services for a month. Discovering some clients of Ravus, the troll, are dying, Val embarks in an adventure to discover who is actually poisoning the folk to save Ravus.

It took a while for the action to kick in and for me to get interested in the story. At first it’s just a bunch of kids taking faery drug every day and doing mischief. When it finally got interesting, I couldn’t set the book down. Honestly though, if you liked Tithe and think you’d like to read the rest of the trilogy, you could skip Valiant and read the third book right away and you wouldn’t lose anything. Valiant is a good book, but I don’t feel like it’s up to the series’ standards.


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