Nerd Block, December 2014

So apparently I’m still torn between Nerd Block and Arcade Block because there’s something awesome in this block and possibly something awesome in next month’s Nerd Block as well. But let’s not think about next month yet and see what we got in this month’s.


First off is this month’s shirt! The Butter Beer annual pub crawl shirt is the one everyone received and for Christmas, Shirtpunch decided to give us a second shirt chosen randomly by them. I got Tink Girl! Love them both!


P1110781 P1110782

Next up is a Tetris notebook. I love how the page edges are done like Tetris pieces 😀


P1110785 P1110786

Then we got another little something to build. It’s a Dungeons & Dragons builder pack. You get a random character. I got Darvin the soldier (I’m guessing from his armor). The card gives you his stats haha



The “big” item for the month is this autographed Willow print. You could either get one signed by Warwick Davis or Val Kilmer. I got one from Val Kilmer. I put “big” because I don’t exactly know this movie or these dudes (I know them by face, but I couldn’t say what they were in) so it’s not such a huge thing for me.



Now THIS is the big item for me 😀 A wonderfull GIZMO PLUSH. I am in love with it XD


Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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