Identity Thief

Identity Thief

Released in February 2013, Identity Thief is a crime comedy directed by Seth Gordon. Getting a 19% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it is said that it wasn’t quite as funny as it should have been and that the plotline was not well written.

Sandy Patterson is an account processor at a big company that decides, with fellow colleagues, that they are tired of being treated like crap and decide to make their own company. Sadly for Patterson, he gets charged with many bills unpaid and even gets searched for drugs all because he trusted a woman on the phone that said she was from his bank. He gave her all his information without thinking twice and now has his identity stolen. Learning this fact, Patterson decides to go fetch this woman himself in Florida and bring her to the Denver police so his name can be cleared and he doesn’t lose his new job. After finding the woman, he manages to convince her to get in the airplane with him to Denver so she can confess her crime to his boss. What she doesn’t know is that the cops will be nearby listening in on her confession. But the identity thief makes Sandy realize he hasn’t thought his plan through. With them having the same ID cards, it would be impossible for them to get in a plane, so they end up driving all the way back to Denver; which leads to many adventures.

Identity Thief was quite the comedy. At first, I was inclined to hate the woman, Diana, because of what she did to Sandy; especially since he has two daughters and they’re expecting a third baby. But as the movie rolls, we learn a bit of background story on Diana and learn her personality which obviously made me love her in the end.  Although the main characters were perfectly acted, I have to admit a little bit with Rotten Tomatoes on the plot line. The main story of them need to drive back to Denver is pretty straightforward, but some of the things happening in between and on the side don’t make much sense and aren’t explained much. For example, there’s suddenly a guy coming after Diana, but we don’t know who ordered him to search for her and why. All we know is he’s going to get 50 000$ if he brings her back to whomever wants her. Other than that, it was a pretty enjoyable movie.


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