Celebrating Christmas 2014


For Christmas this year we went to my dad’s on the 24th and to a dinner hosted by my aunt on my mom’s side on the 25th.

On Christmas Eve, we went to my dad’s and nothing very exciting happened. We ate some pizza for dinner and then my baby got to open his present from my dad. We decided we didn’t want to sleep at my dad’s so we went back home around 9:30p.m. and set our baby in bed before putting his presents under the tree. Sadly I couldn’t put up his socking because the gift I bought to put in there actually didn’t fit.

On Christmas, we spent the morning watching my son open his presents from us. Luckily he seems to love all of his gifts; especially the little wood blocks and the magnetic letters. Thanks to actually solid blocks, my son is now able to make towers of 6 blocks! I knew he was able to make towers more than 3 blocks high; he just needed blocks that weren’t plush! After a few last minute gifts wrapped, we went to my aunt’s for the family dinner. My baby received many gifts and funnily enough they were all pretty much the same! He got a set of car tracks with little cars from my mom and another one from one of my aunt; which is what he had gotten the day before from my dad! My SO and I were laughing so much. He also got books and a set of plates which are awesome. We left a little earlier than I had planned because my poor baby was exhausted from spending two days in a row without naps. When we got home, we put up Rise of the Guardians to watch while he was eating a snack (because he hadn’t wanted to eat his dinner) and drinking his milk.


Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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