Published in 2002, Tithe is the first book of the series A Modern Faerie Tale written by Holly Black. Recommended for ages 12 and up, Tithe is described as a “suburban fantasy” by the author.

After her mother’s boyfriend tried to kill her mom, Kaye and her mother move to her grandmother’s house where she grew up. Remembering her faery friends, obviously thought to be imaginary friends by her mother, she tries to get in contact with them. After meeting Roiben, a knight of the Unseelie Court, her friends finally contact her and get her to meet them to the Thistlewitch’s swamp. There, she learns her true nature; she’s a pixie glamored to look human. They ask her to keep being human until the Tithe, where she will act as a sacrifice. Before being sacrificed, her friends tell her they will undo the glamor so that everyone can think the Unseelie Queen was about to sacrifice one of them instead of a human girl.

Tithe was a very interesting book. Even though I made the mistake of reading Ironside (the last of the trilogy) before this one, I was still on the edge of my seat while reading through this book. It’s so well written and the story is so interesting that I couldn’t help but jump right in the book every time I opened it and I couldn’t help having an extremely hard time putting it down. It’s such a nice change to have faeries in modern days instead of reading about a fantasy world; not that I hate those, but it was a nice change.


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