The Desolation of Smaug

the desolation of smaug

Released in December 2013, The Desolation of Smaug is the second movie based on The Hobbit. With a more positive review than An Unexpeted Journey, this movie received a 75% on Rotten Tomatoes.


That is the word most used by myself while watching this movie; and it’s what I think of those reviews. This movie was so badly made I had all the trouble in the world finishing it.

First of all, remember last week when I said it was a nice change to be able to see Gandalf’s errand? Well they f-ed it up really badly! For some reason they decided the necromancer would be Sauron. Why in the world would they add Sauron in this story? He was NEVER mentioned in the book! It just doesn’t even make sense! If Sauron had been starting to gather up his Wring Raiths and his goblin/orc army, why did he take 60 fricken years to actually start searching for his ring that he apparently knew had been found?

You know that other side-story they decided to do with the white orc and Thorin? Well it loses all senses in the second movie. Because Sauron needs his army by his side, the white orc sends off another orc and a thousand goblins (or orcs I can never make the difference) to kill Thorin. They chase the dwarves at places goblins aren’t even mentioned in the book. At least in the first movie they were seen when they were mentioned in the book, even if it wasn’t in the same manner. This time they just vomited them everywhere they could and it didn’t make sense at all. Especially when they were walking on the roofs in Lake Town. How did no one hear them walking around and how did no one hear the battle that happened? Oh and how did they even cross the river to get there when the dwarves had to cross by boat?

Next up is Beorn. I was so excited for that part! It’s the most hilarious part of the book and I was certain they wouldn’t leave it out since it’s a big part of the story. They didn’t leave it out, but they didn’t do it right either. In the book, Gandalf instructs the dwarves to come in two at a time and five minutes appart. In between dwarf apparitions, Gandalf tells their tale to Beorn. Once all the dwarves arrived, they sat down for diner and talked some more about their task. The next day, Beorn is nowhere to be seen. They spend another night there and in the morning Beorn tells them he spent the day before going to check if their story was true, and seeing it was true he decided to help them out. Suggesting they go through Mirkwood since it would be faster and safer from goblins, he warns them to stay on the path, or else they would never find it again, and to avoid touching and drinking the water since it’s enchanted. Then he lends them ponies and lets them go on their way.

Mirkwood. Dear Mirkwood. How badly they made that as well. They didn’t even mention the water and they completely changed why they got off the path. It wasn’t because they lost it, it was because they saw some lights in the trees and wanted to see if there was food there since their supplies were almost empty. This is where the movie decided to introduce Legolas and Taurel. Of course they weren’t in the book; and of course they made them the love interest of the movies. It doesn’t make sense that Bilbo and Gloin see Legolas in this story because when they are in Elrond’s council in The Lord of the Rings neither of them seemed to know the other.

Then there’s my dear Filli. Of course they had to make us believe one of them was going to die. Not only just that, but they decided to somehow make a love triangle between him, Legolas and Taurel. Just the fact that because they made Filli dying of poison made three other dwarves stay behind is just so frustrating. It’s just not supposed to happen! They are not supposed to be in Lake Town when the Dragon attacks! They’re supposed to be in the mountain with all the others (I’m going to wait and see what they do in the last movie before tapping into why they’re supposed to all be in the mountain when the dragon attacks Lake Town).

About that dragon. How stupid was that chase they made? He just goes around chasing them inside the mountain determined to kill them, but then suddenly decides to go after Lake Town after being soaked in melted gold. And how in the world did Thorin know everything would still be in place for his strange plan to work? How did he know Smaug hadn’t destroyed everything while gathering the gold, because, you know, dragons always seek more gold. Bilbo was supposed to go in there once, retrieve a cup to show everyone he’d been in the treasure room, then go back to find the Arkenstone. On the second go, Smaug is awake and they start talking; which is where Smaug shows his stomach to Bilbo to prove he has no weak points. Bilbo makes the mistake of insulting Smaug before going back to the dwarves after seeing a way to kill the dragon, and that’s when Smaug decides to go block the secret entrance and attack Lake Town for helping these dwarves.

I am just so disappointed and frustrated by this movie. They decided to make three movies out of one single book and they can’t even be bothered to properly make the parts from the book. The second movie is pretty much all made up. They kept the big lines (Beorn, Mirkwood and Smaug), and invented everything else. They didn’t even take the time to make those big lines like in the book. I can’t believe people are saying this movie is better than the first one. Clearly those reviewers haven’t read the book.


What did you guys think of this movie?

Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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