How Clothes Change the Way You Feel About Your Body

I used to be one of those girls that stayed skinny no matter what they ate or how much they exercised (which was never for me), until I got pregnant. At first I just thought it was normal for me to take a while to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but once it had been at least three months without a single change, I started working out a bit. Then I learned that my linea alba was ripped and I would have to get my abs back to where they were supposed to be before even having the possibility of slowly losing weight. It actually didn’t take too long for my abs to be back in place; about a month or two. The hard part was actually getting motivated to workout. I’ve never had to workout to have the body I wanted. I have to admit it was a new concept for me.

Thing is, after giving birth I hadn’t wanted to buy clothes because I thought I would be quickly back to my pre-pregnancy weight. When reality hit me that I would actually need clothes that fit this body I hated, I dreaded shopping. I went in the boutiques looking for loose shirts that would hide my belly pouch and my love handles. It was way harder to find than I thought. There were so many shirts I would have loved to by myself and be able to wear proudly, but they just hugged my figure to much for my own taste. Every time I shopped for clothes I would come out empty handed and depressed. It just made me hate my body even more, so I ended up just buying a ton of t-shirts online and wearing them with a zip hoodie.

Last week, I saw a shirt that looked good and loose while I was working. I really wanted to try it out on my day off, so I kept looking if it was still there every day and when Sunday came, I went and tried it out. I picked up another shirt I was pretty sure wouldn’t fit me right because it seemed tight, but I liked it and I felt slightly good about my body that day. I tried on the shirt I had been eyeing all week and I felt horrible in it. It was definitely not fitting on me as well as on the mannequin. On me it just made me look way fatter. I hated it. I was ready to just call it quits, not even trying out the second shirt I had picked up, when the sales woman came and made a suggestion.

She asked me what I thought I would wear with the other shirt. I said probably jeans since it’s the only kind of pants I own. She suggested a pair of leggings, but not just any leggings. She suggested a pair of leggings that go almost up to your breasts and that hides your belly pouch and your love handles! I actually used to think those types of clothing were so dumb, but I told her I could always try it out. She warned me it would be hard to put on, but it was normal. So I struggled to put the leggings on then put on the second shirt. I felt so weird having pants come up so high. It was way higher than the elastic of pregnancy jeans. I got out of the cabin and looked at myself in the mirror. I was looking at the old me. Well almost. I was looking at a me that had put on a bit of weight, but didn’t have any love handles and had barely a belly pouch! I almost had tears in my eyes seeing myself like that. It just felt so good to actually love myself in an outfit.

I can honestly say now I understand why people would wear those undergarments that put your figure in check. It’s not necessarily a beauty thing. Sometimes it’s just what it takes to give you back a bit of self-confidence; and that’s what the leggings did to me. I got out of the boutique with a pair of leggings I hadn’t planned on buying, a shirt I never thought I would wear again and a heart full of happiness.


Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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