Decorating the Christmas Tree


I decorated the Christmas tree alone this year because of many reasons. My plan at first was to decorate it the night of the 30th November so that my toddler would wake up on the 1st of December and see a Christmas tree appeared during the night, but then I thought how my SO would want to see his reaction (if he has any) but would be at work. So I thought of decorating the tree during the night of the 29th, but we went out with some friends and when we came back and the baby was finally asleep, I just didn’t feel like it anymore. I was too tired from our day. I finally decided we would forget the morning reaction and just decorate the tree during my toddler’s afternoon nap and settle for an evening reaction. But then, my SO had to go to work because they’re asking them to do crazy overtime. So I ended up decorating the tree on my own while my son was napping.

Decorating this year wasn’t much of a struggle. I needed to think about how my son is now able to reach really high so he would be able to play with the things I put in the tree. I decided the most dangerous thing that I put in the tree was the garland because if he somehow managed to get it out of the tree he could wrap it around his neck. So I tried keeping it out of reach as much as possible. As for the Christmas balls, they’re not breakable and they’re held in the tree by a string so it’s not a big deal if he plays with them. I just made sure not to put the ones with glitter on to prevent glitter going on my toddler’s hands and everywhere else if he plays with them.

Overall I think I did a good job of “baby proofing” my Christmas tree. I did buy two new ornaments for my SO and I because I can’t resist having figurines of characters we like in our tree. Last year I bought a Yoda ornament and this year I bought a R2D2 one and a Belle one. It’s going to be a weird mix of Star Wars, Princesses and traditional gold and red decorations, but at least it screams us 😀


Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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