Thoughts on C25K

When I first began the Couch to 5K program, I was really scared. I was scared because I’ve never been a runner. I remember the beep test they made us do in school and I couldn’t go further than 4 I think. Maybe I couldn’t go further than 2-2 ½ I don’t quite remember. I just remember that it was a huge struggle for me to keep going and I could never go very far, and when I was done my throat used to burn so much and I was certain I would faint. That’s why I was scared of the C25K program. But I thought it might go better since it was sort of supervised and it wasn’t always jogging, there were walking intervals.

I remember the first workout ever. It was horrible. At first I had set out to just walk, since I wasn’t quite equipped properly to jog, but during the workout my ego took over and I started jogging. The first workout was only a 60 seconds jog with 90 seconds walk intervals and I couldn’t even finish it the first time. I was so out of breath, my throat hurt so bad, I was sweating like a fountain and I was certain I would faint. It was a very harsh blow to my ego, but it made me realize how out of shape I was. The next day, I redid the workout and this time I managed to finish it.

Since then, it’s only been going uphill. Even though I barely stuck to my workout routine I was supposed to do, I still did all three workout during the week for the whole 9 weeks. I can barely believe now that I’m done that I can actually jog for 30 minutes straight when I couldn’t even jog 60 seconds only 9 weeks ago. It’s so fascinating how you don’t necessarily notice the improvement. Every week the workouts would get harder and the jog time longer while the walking intervals would grow smaller; and every week I dreaded the workouts, certain that I would never be able to do them. Now I can proudly say that I can jog for 30 minutes without needing to walk.

The next step for me is trying to get a hold of a treadmill to actually be able to know if I’m able to properly jog, or it was just way easier jogging on the spot. I’ll also possibly get to know if I can actually jog a 5K if the treadmill I get can calculate how many Ks I do on it. If I manage to do that this winter, I think I may be motivated enough to start the 5 to 10K program! If not, I’ll just keep up my workouts, jog for 30 minutes three times a week. Then this summer, I’m fairly certain I’ll sign up for a marathon with my sister-in-law. I won’t do the full marathon obviously, but I’ll either go for the 4.2K or the 10K depending on what I do this winter workout wise.

I’m actually quite excited about all of this, which is a first for me! I used to dread jogging, and now I actually want to jog and do marathons! The main reason why I’ve started doing this was to lose weight, which hasn’t been effective so far, but the other beneficial side effects of jogging have been slowly affecting me. I’m slowly feeling better about myself and very slowly gaining self-confidence that I’ve never had before. I recommend everyone to do this program. It allows you to start jogging in a safe way. It gradually elevates the difficulty each week in a safe way so you don’t get hurt and you actually build endurance. It’s an awesome program! If you don’t want to spend money on the app, you can simply go on their website and follow the workout sheet!


Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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