LotR: The Return of the King

Return of the King

The last movie in the Lord of the Rings series, The Return of the King, was released in December 2003.

There actually aren’t many differences between this movie and the books. At first I was a bit mad that the third movie started with the end of the second book, but when I stopped to think about the timeline, it fit that they put those scenes in the last movie. There are many tiny details that aren’t like in the books, but I’m only going to talk about two of the biggest ones that annoyed me the most.

The first one being the fight between Frodo and Sam right before entering the tunnel to get in Mordor. The first time I saw the movie I thought it was so strange that Frodo would defend and believe Gollum instead of Sam, now I know why it felt so strange. It never happened in the books! That scene they invented just doesn’t make sense at all in the story. Even though they pin it on the fact that the ring is starting to control Frodo’s mind, it’s still too farfetched. There is one point in the books where Frodo gets mad at Sam and tells him to back off because he thinks Sam wants the ring. But one, it didn’t happen because Gollum was influencing Frodo; and two, Frodo immediately came back to his senses and said he was sorry to Sam, that it was the ring talking.

The other big thing that annoyed me about the movie is the fact that they didn’t do the Battle of the Shire at the end. I know it would’ve made the movie even longer, but if they took out the scenes that they invented (like all the ones where we see Arwin and Elrond) they would’ve had the time to add the Battle of the Shire at the end. I felt like it was important to the story, but I guess since they killed off Saruman at the beginning instead of during the Battle of the Shire they didn’t see the point in doing that scene anymore. I still would’ve loved to see it.

Other than those two huge things for me that were annoying, there were tiny details that were just really stupid to change or to add, but I won’t get into those because it might take a while! The only tiny detail that was way stupid that I want to mention really quickly is the fact that Théoden’s army actually took the time to make tents and especially Théoden’s tent with furniture and decorations in it! Where in the world did they get those furniture and decorations? Did he seriously take the time to gather those things and set them up every night they rested while getting to Minas Tirith to fight a war? They’re supposed to be in a hurry to get there, but I guess the producers and directors decided they had the time to set up tents every night!

And I’ll stop here because I’m getting frustrated, and when I’m frustrated there’s no stopping me and this review will end up being way too long. I have to admit that it was in fact the movie that stayed the most true to the books out of the three. It still had his flaws obviously, but they didn’t feel as big as the ones in the other two movies.


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