When the Baby Starts Climbing on Furniture

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About 3 weeks ago, my son started climbing on the couch almost on his own. He needed my support to be able to pull himself on the couch, but he was doing pretty much all the work himself. I was so happy he was starting to climb on stuff since it was another milestone! Sadly for me, he caught on way too quickly on how to climb fully by himself.

One morning, I went about a minute out of the living room to go get something and when I came back, my dear baby boy was sitting on the couch playing on my computer. I was so surprised to see him sitting there! One minute he’s on the floor when I leave the room and a minute later I come back and he’s on the couch! The feelings I felt were overwhelming. I went from being surprised, to being happy, then scared and finally mad.

I was scared because I immediately thought of how it was now possible for him to fall off the couch when we leave him in the living room for just a minute. Of course he knows how to get off the couch properly, we showed him that way before he was able to get on the couch on his own, but he has a tendency of standing up on the couch. Now I’m just trying to teach him that the couch is for sitting, not standing.

Then I got mad because he was playing with my computer. That’s a big no-no in our house (I’ll explain that next week) and he knows it. He has already sent my computer on the floor twice now before even being able to go on the couch on his own. Now that he can get access to my computer even more easily, I’ll have to seriously start thinking about getting a proper desk instead of just leaving my computer on the couch.

Just one of the many new struggles that come with a milestone reached!


Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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