C25K Week 9

This week has been pretty much the same every day so I won’t detail them as usual. Also because I forgot to write down after each workout and I actually don’t remember the days I worked out haha.

So this week the workout was a 30 minutes jog with the usual 5 minutes warm up and cool down. It actually went perfectly fine! My legs barely hurt as usual and I wasn’t even out of breath! The only things that made the workouts painful were the sweating and how bored I was because I was jogging for half an hour!

Nothing special happened except for the fact that I did my last workout today because I really wasn’t in the right mind set to do it earlier. Some stuff happened this week and they weren’t really big things, but all of them together happening one after another just really brought down my moral so I just spent the last days of the week trying to relax a little and take some me time.

Welp this is it! This was the last week of C25K! I have absolutely no idea if I can do 5K since I’ve been jogging on the spot in my living room, but at least I can now jog for 30 minutes!


Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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