C25K Week 8

Day 1: Tuesday

This week’s workouts consist of a 28 minutes jog with the usual 5 minutes warm-up and 5 minutes cool-down. Today was a bit more brutal than last week, mainly because I did a workout yesterday so my legs didn’t have time to rest as much as they’re used to. I still pulled through even though at the end my calves were hurting a bit more than usual. My SO actually had to rub some RUB-A535 (antiphlogistine, I think it’s called) on my legs before going to bed! I told myself I would do day 2 on Wednesday if my legs hurt less in the morning.

Day 2: Wednesday

Waking up, I immediately paid attention to the sensation in my legs, checking to see if they hurt. They didn’t hurt as much as last night, so I thought if they stayed that way, I could do my workout; and they did! I decided it might be time to start stretching before and after to try and help my legs not hurt so much, and so I could maybe start working out every day. So today, I started by stretching my legs, hurt it a little because I’m not as flexible as I used to be. Then I started the warm-up. Then the jogging came. It started off smooth. No pain. Half way there, I started having the usual pain in my calves and I started wondering if I’d be able to pull through. At around 3-4 minutes left in the jogging, my left calf cramped. It must be the first time this happened to me. Such a horrible feeling! I probably didn’t have the best idea in continuing to jog while my calf being cramped, but I was so close to the end, my ego didn’t want to give up! I was so relieved when the cool-down came! After the cool-down I stretched my legs a bit again, but even with that I’m probably going to need my SO to massage my legs tonight again; and I’m probably not going to do a workout tomorrow like I wanted to, especially since I’m working tomorrow.

Day 3: Friday

Day 3 was way better than the previous two. My legs didn’t hurt at all. I was actually surprised since I worked the evening before. I was also scared my legs would actually start hurting during the evening at work, but they didn’t! I will have to test out if it was the fact that I stretched before and after, or just the fact that I had a day of rest in between two workouts. Probably the latter, which saddens me because I was hoping to be able to start working out every day. Someday, maybe, when I’m more in shape!


How was your week?

Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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