Arcade Block, October

Since I wasn’t satisfied with the loot I was getting for the price I payed, I decided to try out Arcade Block in October.


Arcade Block doesn’t actually have a theme other than giving us gaming stuff and there’s a shirt every month. Here’s what was in October’s Block:


A Half Life Crab Shack shirt

P1110226 P1110228

We also have a very cute Flying Squirrel Luigi plush and a Super Mario Pull Back Racer of Luigi

P1110229 P1110230

Next up is a Portal Key Cap, that I’ll definately be putting on my house key(!), and magnetic whiteboards from Hyrule, complete with the pen!

P1110238 P1110269

Lastly we have a Street Fighter Pixel Bricks. The character I got is Blanka. It took me about an hour to build it! The pieces were so tiny and there’s so much details it’s incredible!


For November, I’ll be switching my subscription to the Nerd Block instead of the Arcade Block to compare the loot and see if I’m more Gamer than Nerd or the other way around.


Did you think it was better loot than what I used to receive?

Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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