Halloween Night


My little Ewok ❤

This Halloween was my baby’s first time Trick-or-Treating. We told ourselves, since he’s only 17 months old, we would only do a couple of houses. We ended up walking the whole road, but since not all houses gave out candy, I think we ended up going to about less than 10 doors.

Sadly, my shyness kept me from going with my son to the doors, but my SO gave me many details about how our baby reacted. On the first house, he tried going inside haha! After that, he was extremely shy. Only looked at the person opening the door and not taking the candy they were handing to him. My SO had to take the candy himself, which he didn’t feel comfortable doing, but he didn’t have much of a choice haha. The only times my baby approached the door more was when there was a dog in the doorway. He would try to touch the dog and not pay attention to the person handing him candy haha!

After walking back home, we had a few errands to make so we kept my son in his costume (he was way too cute to get him out after so little time) and went to the mall. There, I showed him to a friend at work and she thought he was so cute he needed a cookie haha. We spent about an hour at the mall, which was way more than needed at first, because almost every boutique would stop us to ask if they could give candy to our son. At first my baby was still shy and not sure how to react, but once he understood he could take candy out of the buckets, there was no stopping him. We must’ve spent 10-15 minutes at almost every boutique because he wouldn’t stop taking candy out of the buckets! It was so hilarious. He would take one out, if he had two in his hands he would put one back in, and give it to either me or my SO or the salesperson.

It wasn’t quite the Halloween I was hoping for my son, but it was still very fun and hilarious. He had fun so that’s what counts! I’m already looking forward to next year!


How did you spend your Halloween?

Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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One thought on “Halloween Night

  1. Aww! His costume is aborable!
    This was EJ’s first time trick or treating too. He was shy but loved taking candy out of the buckets. Even when told he could take more than one he only took one, and he’d hold it until we approached the next house and only then would he put it in his bucket!

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