C25K Week 7

Day 1: Monday

This week begins the non-stop jogging stretch until the end. From here on out there won’t be a workout with some walk intervals. Week 7 consists of a 25 minutes jog with a 5 minutes warm up walk before and a 5 minutes cool down walk after. In my usual habit, I was dreading jogging for 25 minutes straight. I’ve never been athletic, so jogging for me was like a death sentence. I think I never even jogged for that long. But I’m proud to say that today I jogged for 25 minutes straight with barely any pain! There was the usual pain under my feet because I don’t wear shoes (since I jog inside my living room, on the spot, while my baby is sleeping), and a slight pain in the calves during the last 5 minutes of jogging, but that was it!

Day 2: Wednesday

Another 25 minutes of jogging under the belt! This time it was a bit more tiring than on Monday, but still pulled through with barely any need of a kick in the arse!

Day 3: Monday

Yes, you read right. The last workout of the week was done today. I was supposed to do it Friday, but I completely forgot about it because I was too focused on thinking about my baby’s first time trick-or-treating! I then planned on doing it Saturday after work, but I was so exhausted that I ended up just relaxing on the couch. On Sunday, there are no other excuses than the fact that I was a lazy butt all day. I ended up doing the workout today and it went perfectly fine as usual! I’m always surprised at how easier it is than what I think. I’ve never been very fit so I always have the reflex of thinking I’ll be dead at the end of the workouts, but it always goes so well!


How was your week?

Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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