Picking a Halloween Costume for my Baby

Picking a Halloween costume is always tricky, so when I had to pick one for my baby, I started thinking about the “rules” of baby Halloween costumes; at least the ones that applied to my baby!

The first year is obviously the year when you can dress your baby in the cutest costume ever! On his first Halloween, my baby was dressed as a cute little tiger!


This year is his second Halloween and now that he’s walking, I can combine a cute costume with a walking costume. By that I mean, a costume that is cute when a baby can walk. I don’t exactly know how to explain better than that. In my head there are the cute costumes for when he’s a tiny baby, and there are the costumes that are cute, but are way cuter when he can walk while wearing them. I wanted so bad to go with a Sylvester from Looney Toons costume, but I sadly couldn’t find one in his size. So we went with a costume with a theme that I had planned for next year, but it’s fine because he won’t be wearing what I thought he would for that theme so we can still do it when he’s older. I’ll show you a proper picture next week.

For the next Halloweens, he’ll be in the years when he can choose his own costume. Next year he won’t be able to properly choose his own costume, so I’ll still be able to pick at least two choices for him and he’ll choose between them; which means I can still have my personal fun for at least one more Halloween haha!


How do you decide how to dress yourself and/or your baby for Halloween?

Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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One thought on “Picking a Halloween Costume for my Baby

  1. This is EJ’s third Halloween. I totally know what you mean about cute walking costumes. I find those tend to be some combination of furry, poofy, or have a tail.
    EJ was Cookie Monster last year, I chose that because he has been absolutely obsessed with Cookie for as long as I can remember. This year he is Duffy the Disney Bear, I chose that because we were going to spend a few days at Disney World, he & I both love Duffy, and I wanted to do a Disney themed costume. I was Minnie & Hubby was supposed to be Mickey, but I ran out of time to fo his costume.

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