Loot Crate, September

I know I said last month would be the last Loot Crate, but when I signed up for Arcade Block it signed me up for the October loot since September was full and Loot Crate’s loot for September sounded awesome so I couldn’t resist. I should have though.

Here’s this months theme:


I was told there would be Star Wars and Firefly loot in there. Who could resist that?! I should have.


First up is a Tribble from Star Trek, made by Quantum Mechanix, which is basicly just a ball of fur… I guess it could be considered awesome for Trekkies, but I’m not one so this was a huge waste (except for the fact that my son enjoyed it for 2 minutes)


Next up is an Alien re-action figure, made by Funko & 20th Century Fox. What in the world am I supposed to do with that?


Then there’s some Firefly money (yay?) made by Quantum Mechanix, a Star Wars retro arcade magnet (…seriously?) by Loot Crate Labs & Lucasfilm ltd., Halo Escalation #1-3 digital editions from Dark Horse Comics and some Pop Rocks.


Finally something slightly exciting! A 9×27″ Star Wars Poster of Han Solo in carbonite. Where in the world am I going to put this though?


The last slightly exciting thing is this Vinyl Mal action figure which is 3″ tall… and of course we have the collectible pin.


I was yet again quite disappointed with this months loot. When I heard there would be Star Wars and Firefly content in there, I was so excited. But yet again they didn’t take advantage of the potential of their theme and we ended up with almost crap. October’s theme is Fear, which I would be very excited about since we are the month of Halloween and I’ve heard great things about last year’s October loot, but with how disappointing they’ve been this last couple of months, I don’t think they’ll be doing something incredible this year. Besides, I already payed for the October’s Arcade block, so I can’t subscribe to Loot Crate this month.


What did you think of this months loot?

Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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3 thoughts on “Loot Crate, September

  1. I will say, I have friends who have been doing lootcrate for a few months. I’ve been impressed with their haul in past months, but this month’s loot does seem rather disappointing (although I know my little guy would have a blast with the Tribble)

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