Solicitation From Companies

In this day and age, there are a million ways for companies to know what’s going on in your life; and when you’re having a baby you get a lot of attention from them. Not just companies, but people too.

I remember when I was pregnant we were looking at houses. We began by looking at houses sold by their owner, so they were the ones giving us the tour of the house. Every house we looked at, they kept asking a thousand questions about my baby. “When are you due”, “Is it a boy or a girl”, etc. But the one thing they did that annoyed me the most was use the fact that I was pregnant to try to sell us the house. Every one of them showed us a bedroom or a study and said “this could be the baby’s room! You could do this or that in it and it would be perfect for the baby!” or they would say stuff like “You could be in the kitchen making dinner while watching the kids in the living room”. It annoyed me so bad that I completely lost the will to look at other houses while pregnant.

Then there’s the companies. You subscribe to one little thing on the internet that involves babies and suddenly your email box is full of emails from a thousand companies wanting to talk to you about their products. Or you get an email per month giving you some information about your growing baby. I also found myself receiving products by mail that I never asked for.

But it’s once you’ve given birth that it gets worse. You suddenly get called by every fricken insurance company wanting to talk to you about their program for newborns and how it’s free for the first year of his life. I must have gotten a call from about 5 different companies about it. I hate how they try to take advantage of the fact that you have a child to make money. I almost got screwed over by so many of them. You’re at your most vulnerable state. You’ve given birth not even a week ago and they call you talking about how you have to get insurance for your baby in case this or that happens to him. They pry on your sudden need to protect this human being to make you sign absurd contracts you wouldn’t even consider in your normal state of mind. Good thing I had the sense to tell them I would talk to my SO first. He’s the one that kept telling me not to go for it.

Sadly, you get annoyed by all of this, but as soon as you try to avoid it all, you get a visit from the F.B.I asking you questions to see if you’re a terrorist. That’s right. It didn’t happen to me, but I read a story about a woman that, when she learned she was pregnant, she asked all her family and friends not to mention it on the web. She started only paying cash and avoiding everything that involved leaving a trace on the web that she was pregnant. Since she wasn’t on the government’s radar anymore, she got a visit from the F.B.I because they thought she was making a bomb or something. It’s crazy isn’t it?


What do you think about this?

Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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