C25K Week 4


My baby playing with his new kitchen set while I workout

Day 1: Thursday

Sadly this week has been a bad week for me again. I just felt like snuggling in a blanket, eating junk food while watching super lovey dovey movies. When I finally managed to kick myself in the butt and workout, it was almost the end of the week. So here we are, Thursday, and I finally do the first day of week for. Let me tell you, it was brutal; sweat and pain everywhere. This week started the beginning of jogging more than walking and I was not ready for that. Having a five day break did not help either.

Day 2: Friday

Two days in a row of this and my legs want to fall off. I didn’t feel any pain before starting the jog today, but when the jog started, my legs hurt immediately. I went a little slower so it wouldn’t hurt as much and I’m just hoping I won’t be in too much pain tonight at work! I’m also hoping day 3 will be less brutal!

Day 3: Sunday

This time around was much better. I decided to let my legs relax a little Saturday, I say a little because I still had to walk at work, and did the last work out of week 4 on Sunday. I finally got used to the jogging more than walking and the longer jogging periods. Hopefully week 5 will be less brutal. I’ll definitely get back to my Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule. No more slacking off for me, especially this late in the program. I realised this week that if I don’t do my normal schedule, the workout doesn’t quite work because when I start a week 4-5 days after the end of the last week, it’s as if I hadn’t done the past weeks and start the program at this point, which is not good at all.


Tell me about your week!

Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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One thought on “C25K Week 4

  1. I had a rough workout week this week too. I’m a week behind you. The 3 minute run intervals have been tough.
    I have to redo yesterday’s workout, as I wasn’t able to complete the last 3 minute jog. So I’m doing it again tonight, then doing week 4 day 1 tomorrow.

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