Fall Old Navy Haul

Now that the weather where I live is fall worthy, I needed to buy a few fall clothes for my baby since his wardrobe mainly consisted of shorts and t-shirts. As usual, I went on my trusty Old Navy website (I say trusty because ever since I had my baby this is the only play I can find cute baby clothes). Here’s what I bought this year:


Here’s a mash-up of everything I bought. In total there’s three shirts, three pairs of pants and four pajamas. I’ll be using the names on the receipt.


Top left corner: “I Hear Music” Tee, black 2T; Top right corner: Plaid Poplin Shirt, Gray/Red 2T; Bottom middle: Button-Neck Cable-Knit sweatshirt, Grey 2T


From left to right: Boot-Cut Jeans, Medium Wash 2T; Boot-cut Jeans, Dark Wash 2T; Loose-Fit Jeans, Medium Wash 2T


From left to right: DC Comics Batman PJ Set 2T; Bear Graphic PJ Set 2T; Ski Wolf PJ Set 2T; Robot PJ Set 2T


Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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