Going out alone, with the baby

Going out with the baby all by myself, is a bit of a struggle. Here’s how it normally goes when we need to go to the mall:

What time is it? It’s already 1:30? That leaves us an hour and a half to do all the errands before he needs to take his nap. It takes about 10 minutes to get there, which means about an hour to spend at the mall. Okay, I have to get him dressed now. Will you stop moving, Baby, please? I need to get you dressed so we can make errands. Okay there, you’re dressed. Now where in the world are your shoes? I left them there last time. What did you do with them? Oh here’s one in the laundry basket. And here’s the other one in your toy box. Will you stop wriggling around and let me put your shoes? Okay I have the baby, I have my keys, I have my purse. Damn is my credit card in my wallet? Yes it is. Shit where’s my cellphone? It’s not in my purse, where it should be. Is in on the kitchen table? In my room? Ah there it is! It was charging in the living room. Damn it, does it have enough battery to last the trip? Hopefully it will. Okay Baby, come in my arms. No stop running away. This is not a game! Finally out the door. Now I have to manage to unlock the front door, then bend backwards so I can get the lock of the back door without hitting the baby’s head on the car. There we go! Now to strap him in. Damn those seat belts. Always being twisted. How do they manage to always be like that? I don’t twist them when I take out Baby.

Finally! I’m sitting in the car. Damn it’s hot in here. I wish I had air conditioning. Too bad. I’ll just have to open my window and hope it’s going to be enough for us to not over heat. Okay start driving. Halfway there. Baby is pretty silent. Is he okay? I’ll just look over my should a second to see if he’s still alive. Yep he’s fine. Just staring out the window. Shit he’s getting cranky. Okay it’s a red light, I can try to tickle him. It’s working! He’s laughing! Almost there, Baby, just a few minutes left. We’re finally at the mall. Now I need to find a parking space that’s close to one of those cart things so I don’t have to leave my cart in the middle of a parking spot. I hate when people do that. Yes! Lucky day! There’s a pregnant woman/young family spot available. I love those. Unlock the passenger door, get my purse, make sure I have my keys. Now make sure I locked my door, the other door is locked too, just checking even though I didn’t touch it. Open the passenger door to unlock the back door. Lock that door and open the back door. Unstrap my son and take him in my arms. Lock his door, make sure I have the keys, again. Close the door and make my way inside.

What time is it? Shit it’s already 2:20. Only 40 minutes left before his nap time. I have to hurry. Get a cart, put Baby in. No, I’m sorry, you can’t walk. Mommy needs the cart and daddy’s not here to take your hand while mommy pushes the cart. Okay now where in the world are those things I need. They always change where things are. Oh there it is! I’m just going to check this real quick, for a future DIY project. Oh that’s nice! Maybe I should buy it now. Oh now, I’ll check if the dollar store has some first. Okay did he need diapers? Or cereals? Or wipes? I’ll just go in the baby section and see if I remember stuff that he needs. No diapers his size, for the second week. Hopefully he has enough to last until they restock. Oh there are new cereals! Let’s try them. I’ll just check real quick if there are new pyjamas. You need pyjamas. Nope, no new pyjama. Okay now to avoid the other clothes, because I do not need to spend more money on that. You have way too much clothes already. Alright, I think were done. Time to go pay. Damn the line is long. Hopefully everyone is respecting the under 12 items so it’ll go fast. Yes, sir, what you’re saying is funny. Yes, ma’m, he wants to get out of the cart. No he can’t go in your arms. Oh finally! My turn to pay. No, Baby, don’t touch those buttons. Mommy needs to get the pin right or else we can’t bring this stuff home. Okay now to get you back in the car. Same fun as before.

Back home. What time is it? Shit it’s passed 3. Am I going to be able to bring the baby and the bags inside at the same time? Nope, too much stuff. Okay, Baby, you’re going to go in your bed and sleep, while mommy goes back outside to bring the bags in. He’s in his bed, I got the monitor, the volume is maxed, and I have my keys. Let’s hope nothing happens. Okay, I got the bags inside and unpacked. Now I can finally sit down and relax a little before getting the supper started.


Are your outings as crazy as mines?

Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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