C25K Week 2


 My tired feet after Thursday’s workout

Day 1: Wednesday

I feel bad for starting this week so late, but I’ve had a rough beginning of the week. I had to wake up way earlier than usual on Monday and it somehow managed to exhaust me for two days straight. I’ve just started to feel like I have a bit of energy; which is why today I only walked. I didn’t quite feel up to doing the workout today either, but I told myself I couldn’t get back in my old habits already. So I made a deal with myself, just some walking today to get me back in the mood and tomorrow I do the jogging parts again. I did a 1.59 miles today.

Day 2: Thursday

Yesterday didn’t quite work in motivating me. I did the second workout of the week, but not outside. I did it at home. My legs still hurt though, so I guess the workout still worked. I don’t know what I’m going to do for the rest of the work outs, but I’m less and less motivated to do them outside; especially since it’s getting quite cold outside, what with winter coming and all. We’ll see what I can think of.

Day 3: Saturday

For the third workout of the week, I didn’t officially do it. I didn’t have time to do it Friday nor Saturday because of life. So I added up the time I spent walking at work (which is a lot) and figured I must’ve done more than the workout asks. When I got home, I simply pressed start on the workout and waited it out. I don’t like what I did, but if you think about it, I did workout. I just sort of did it at work since my work consists of me walking all the time.


Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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