Family Birthdays Plaque

I have a very hard time remember birthdays, so when I found this on pinterest I was in heaven.



  • A Plaque
  • “S” hooks, you’ll need one for each person
  • Screw eyes, you’ll need twelve
  • I had to use paper key tags because I couldn’t find anything better to write the names on
  • Sharpie
  • Paint brush
  • Paint of the color of your choice

Step One:


Paint the plaque. Somehow I actually didn’t think red and gold would look Christmasy haha

Step Two:


While the plaque was drying I painted the tags in gold. One for each person.

Step Three:


I used a sharpie to write down the months and the title, but if you’re a good painter, you could use paint

Step Four:


Drill small holes to be able to screw in the screw eyes. One for each month.

Final Result:


Here is what mine will look like! Other than the fact that it unintentionally looks Christmasy, I like it! Really useful for knowing when’s somebody’s birthday is.


Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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