C25K Week 1

C25K Day 3

Day 1: Monday

First day kicked my ass big time. I decided I’d try the jogging, even though I’m not equipped for it, and just not force myself to jog if it’s too hard or if the stroller really doesn’t do well with jogging. Well turns out I’m not in very good shape at all. Not even halfway through and my throat was killing me. Since I hadn’t planned on jogging I didn’t bring water, which was a huge mistake. Always bring water. Even though you’re just going for a walk. Sadly I didn’t have enough strength to even finish the workout. I had about 9 minutes left, but I was burning everywhere and just couldn’t keep going. And since the app doesn’t register your workout if you don’t finish it, I’ll have to redo it tomorrow.

Day 1.5: Tuesday

Since I didn’t manage to finish the workout on Monday, I redid today and finished it! I walked 1.61 miles! That’s a lot for me! At one point I wasn’t sure I was going to make it, but when I was about to quit I told myself “no, not again” and it’s like I suddenly regained all my strength and was able to finish it! I even had to add a little 5 minute walk at the end of the workout because I was farther from home than I thought haha! This momma is very proud of herself!

Day 2: Wednesday

My legs were killing me in the morning, and since I wanted to get back on track with a Monday-Wednesday-Friday workout, I had to do Day 2 today. I decided today would be only walking. I still got some sweat on my face, so I guess it still counts. I did 1.37 miles. Still quite good I think. Although I’ve been liking going outside in the morning, I’m looking forward to a day off tomorrow!

Day 3: Friday

Morning: Today it’s the weather that kicked my butt. I wasn’t expecting it to be so cold! It was announcing 10°C and I thought it wouldn’t be so bad. I thought it would be like the other days where I warmed up fast and had to take off my coat, so I didn’t take my coat with me. First mistake. Second mistake was to not have anything on my ears. Without the wind it was nice. The sun was keeping me warm. But when the wind blew, it was freezing cold! Real autumn weather! With the jogging and walking, my insides warmed up pretty fast, but I could still feel that my arms were cold on the outside and my ears were freezing. When my ears started to hurt because they were so cold, I told myself I couldn’t keep going. By the time I was back home, I was halfway through the workout. So I paused it and decided to finish it this afternoon if it’s warmer, or, sadly, another day.

Afternoon: It was a bit warmer during the afternoon so I decided to get it over with and finish that workout today. Since I took the same path as this morning, I was still far from home when the cool down session came so I decided to punish myself a little bit and keep doing the minute jogging and minute and a half walk during the cool down and then did the actual cool down the rest of the way home. I think because I did it in two sessions it gave me a larger total distance than it should be, but apparently I did 1.86 miles.


Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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