January 25th 2013

Adapted from the 19th novel in the Parker series, Flashfire, Parker is a crime thriller film directed by Taylor Hackford. It wasn’t very well received, getting a score of 46 out of 100 from Metacritic and a “Rotten” rating from Rotten Tomatoes.

Parker’s step-dad introduces him to a crew of professional thieves. After being double-crossed by the crew, Parker sets off to Palm Beach to plan his revenge on them. Knowing he’s putting his fiancé in danger, he calls her and tells her to get out of their house for a couple of days. Meeting up with a realtor to supposedly look at houses, Parker finds the house where his ex-crew set up camp. Making a background check, Leslie, the realtor, finds out Parker isn’t exactly who he says he is. With the help of Leslie, Parker finds out what the thieves are after and plans to steal it from them once they’ve done the hard work.

I actually quite enjoyed this movie. At times it was a bit cliché, but still manageable. The one big point that makes me like this movie is the fact that they didn’t go for the guy falls for girl cliché. I was half expecting Parker to dump his fiancé for Leslie because he’d fall in love with her after working with her on the heist. I was so happy when he didn’t end up with Leslie and just sent her the cut of the money they’d stolen together like he said he would. Obviously it’s like so many crime thriller films, but it still has its little unique points that makes it worth watching.


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Young Mom ❤

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