It’s a Little Early for the Terrible Twos

For the last couple of days, my dear angel of a baby has decided to try out his devil side. And he seems to be enjoying it a bit too much for my taste. It may be because his upper canines are trying to pop out. Hopefully that’s the reason; if so, I’m looking forward to them coming out so we can have peace again.

It all started last Thursday at lunch. He decided to throw his food on the ground. He used to do that, but only when he was done and he’d stop when I said “no” or “stop”. That day, he took three bites and threw everything else on the ground. If I dared tell him “no” he would throw even more on the floor.

After lunch, I was trying to change his clothes (he was still in his pajamas), but he did not want to change clothes. He was slapping me in the face while I was trying to take his shirt off, so I laid him down. His backup attack? Kicking me, of course! It must have taken me a good 10 minutes to get him out of his pajamas and into his clothes.

Afterwards he just kept doing everything he’s not supposed to do. He knows he’s not supposed to touch certain things or go certain places, but he just insisted on making me say “no” to him a thousand times. I got so fed up and tired of battling with him that I put him in his bed with water and a book for a good half hour. I even closed his door so he wouldn’t see me in the living room and demand to get out.

He’s only 15 months old, but I think he’s starting to give us a taste of the dreaded “Terrible Twos”.


Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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