DIY Plushie Bear

Today we are doing this:



  • Two socks (I chose differend designs)
  • Buttons (You actually only need 4)
  • Thread and Needle
  • Scissors
  • Cotton balls (or anything to make the fluff in the bear)

Step One:


In the first sock (mine is the one with the squares) cut the head, the body/legs and the arms. You can refer to the link for where to cut those. Since I had a dark colored sock I couldn’t draw lines to show you all. And with the second sock, just cut an oval.

Step Two:


Add the fluffyness in the body, head and arms and sew everything to close it all.

Step Three:


Sew the head and the arms to the body

Step Four/Final Product:


Sew the oval on the face and the buttons. The nose is two buttons. One slightly smaller than the other. And voila! You made yourself a beautiful Sock Plushie Bear!


Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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