Pretty Little Liars: Unbelievable



Written by Sara Sheppard, Unbelievable is the fourth book in the Pretty Little Liars series and was published in May 2008.

While still wondering if she should stay in the race for the Golden Orchid, Spencer’s memory from the night Ali disappeared is starting to reveal very troubling facts. After being kicked out of her house, Aria starts living with her boyfriend, but after a couple of days, Aria is kicked out when A reveals another one of her secrets. On her side, Emily wasn’t able to keep her end of the bargain and so she is shipped off to Iowa. While all the other girls think they have it bad, Hanna is the one that has it the worst. She gets caught knowing too much by A and gravely pays for it. While all of this is happening, the girls try to figure out who is A and if A is the one that killed Alison.

Unbelievable was one hell of a rollercoaster to read. So many things were happening at the same time and there were so many twists! If I hadn’t seen the show already, I would’ve been completely surprised by the end. You definitely wouldn’t expect who A is and who killed Alison. I’m still not convinced the person on trial for the murder is actually the murderer, but I’ll just have to wait and see. One thing’s for sure, we know the girls aren’t done with A because there are many more books to come!


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Young Mom ❤

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