Loot Crate, August 2014

Last month was Villains, this month they gave us Heroes!

First in line is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles merchandise. There’s the glasses (made by H2W) and the little figurine/toy (made by Kidrobot). As you can see the figurine is Donatello, and seeing as the glasses are the same color, I’m guessing the glasses are Donatello as well. I’m not a big TMNT fan so I’m probably just going to give this loot to my nephew whom adores them.


Next in line is probably the best part of the loot crate even if I’m not a fan of it yet. It is a Pop! Groot bobble head made by Funko & Marvel. It’s an exclusive Loot Crate edition that glows in the dark.


Lastly we got some Digital Codes for different content (Given to us by Loot Crate Labs), a “Chimichanga’s, the breakfast of Anti-Heroes” magnet (again from Loot Crate Labs) a Megaman Air Freshener (Courtesy of Sega and Epic Scents), Some Shoe Lightning Bolts (Made by Schwings) and of course this months collectible pin.


And yet again this month they did some doodles in the box. I think it’s the TMNT hideout?



This month will probably be the last loot crate that I sign up for. The loot has gotten less and less exciting in my opinion. However, I’ll try the Nerd Block see if it’s any better. At least it’s cheaper 😛


Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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