Movie 43

movie 43

January 25th 2013


Directed and written by many, this movie is a compilation of different short stories. The idea of Movie 43 had a hard time getting bought; and once it was bought, it took several years to film because they had a hard time finding casts. Once it finally managed to get out, this movie got so much awful reviews. It even won three awards in the 34th Golden Raspberry Awards, one being the Worst Picture.

This movie has two versions. The original version is of a man pitching ideas for movies. The short sketches we see are his pitches. The second version, which is the one I saw, is about three boys trying to find Movie 43 and seeing all the different sketches during their research. I couldn’t find the original version so I don’t know if I missed some sketches, but the version I saw was pretty good. There were sketches that were way too weird, but some were hilarious. For example, one of the sketches includes a young girl having her periods for the first time while at a friend’s house, a friend that is a boy. Her friend and his brother start freaking out because they don’t know what to do. It was pretty funny to watch, especially since her friend thought she was going to die from bleeding out of her vagina.

I personally enjoyed some of the sketches, but I would only recommend this movie to someone with a very developed sense of humor. Someone that laughs at weird stuff.


Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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