Back to School Thoughts


Since it’s the season of Back to School, I’ve been thinking of how I felt when I was young around this time. I used to love when we went shopping for school supplies. Getting to choose what I wanted, getting new clothes, new shoes. We always shopped a bit early to avoid the big mob that appears in malls about two weeks before school starts. So I would spend at least three weeks looking at those huge bags of school supplies and asking my mom a thousand times if I could tag it all and put it in my backpack. Of course she only let me to that about a week before school started. I loved checking the list and the stuff I had to make sure I had everything I needed; putting my name on every bit of it, including every single pencil in the box. I think it’s my need to organize side that made me love all of that. I mean, what kind of kid loves going back to school? Haha

I have such beautiful memories of when we went back to school that I find myself eager for that time to come for my baby. Of course there’s the horrible part where this time around, I’ll be the one paying for all that school stuff. But I’m eager to see how my son will react to it all. I’m hoping he’ll love it as much as I did. I hope I’ll still enjoy it, now that I hate being in crowds. Hopefully, we’ll find a time to go shopping for it all when there isn’t much of a crowd.

My baby is only 14 months and I’m already imagining him getting ready for his first day in kindergarten. Crazy how I’m terrified at the idea of him going to daycare (, but I’m eager to see how he’ll react to going to school.


Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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