Flower Vase


I got the idea from the link above, but like an idiot I didn’t check the link before making it. So instead of painting the vase with a paint brush, I used spray paint. Since I clearly don’t know how to use spray paint, it didn’t quite turn out perfect like in the link above. oh well! It’s the imperfections that show it’s really made by me hahaha



  • A vase (I forgot to take a picture before taping it and didn’t feel like taping it all over again lol)
  • Paint of your choice.
  • Tape

Step One:


Tape some stripes so it looks the way you want

Step Two:


Paint your vase. I spray painted outside and waited two hours before moving it just in case. The can said it would be dry to the touch after 25 minutes, but moveable after 2 hours.

Step Three:


Take off the tape. Now as you can see, the lines aren’t perfect and there’s some paint where there was supposed to be tape. So I had to try to clean it up. I used alcohol, which worked but took a while.

Final result:


Still not quite how I would have liked it to look, but it’ll have to do. I may buy some beads or something to lift the flowers up a bit. If I do, I’ll be sure to post a picture when it happens. Either way, I’m satisfied with it. If I just place it so we don’t see the back, it’ll be perfect haha


Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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