Pretty Little Liars: Perfect



Published in August 2007, Perfect is the third book in the Pretty Little Liars series written by Sara Sheppard.

In the third book, Spencer is nominated for a Golden Orchid award for her plagiarized paper. While Spencer struggles with the idea of taking credit for her sister’s paper, Emily’s secret is revealed by A to everyone. With being threatened to either stop being gay or being sent off to Iowa, Emily had no choice but to join the Tree Tops and break up with Maya. On her side, Aria’s secret is also being revealed and she is kicked out of her house by her mom. Sadly for Aria, she has another big secret that can be revealed by A. Lastly; Hanna is still slowly spiralling out of control. The new aspect of her life being ruined? Her friendship with Mona.

This book is almost completely different from the tv series, so I was happily surprised by many parts. Every chapter is following a different girl and Sheppard has a way to either follow them one after the other, or emit one of the girls for a few chapters because the last chapter about her left on a cliff hanger. I’m very eager to read the next book, since this one left on a very big cliff hanger! I recommend this book, obviously!


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Young Mom ❤

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