Once Upon a Time, TV show



I know this should technically be published on Wednesday, but it’s not really a review of the show. It’s my opinion on where the show is going.

Once Upon a Time is one of my favorite shows. I’m in love with fairy tales and the fact that they decided to write what happens after the happily ever after is awesome. I also love how they’re giving the characters a back story. So far, we’ve seen only classics. Snow White, Red Riding Hood, Ariel, Belle, etc. Season 3 left us with a sort of cliff hanger/introduction of a new character. They decided to put Frozen characters in Once Upon a Time. Well, at least Elsa. The season ends with Elsa coming out of an urn.

I’m not sure yet if I’m in love with the idea. So far, it’s been only classic tales. Nothing new; but all of a sudden they decide to put Elsa in. If they wanted to include more recent characters, I think they should’ve at least gone in order of the time they went out. Now I think it’s more like a publicity stunt. Or just a way of trying to make the show more popular, after seeing how popular Frozen was.

What makes me struggle to know if I like the idea or not, is what Rumpelstiltskin said. The urn Elsa was in comes from a place Rumpel made to seal away the things that frighten him. Since in the movie Frozen Elsa isn’t a villain (as much as I would love her to be), I’m wondering why Rumpel would be scared of her. So I did some research on the tale Frozen was “based” on and found out that Elsa is actually an evil Ice Queen.

I am hoping with all my heart that they’ll go for the angle of the evil Ice Queen instead of the Elsa from the movie Frozen. She looks like Elsa, but hopefully she’ll act like the evil Ice Queen.


Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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