Stranger Anxiety

You know how babies are supposed to have stranger anxiety at a certain age? Well, my baby is going to be 14 months in two days and he is not scared of strangers at all; and never has been. Depending on his mood, he either just falls silent for a few seconds than demand they take him in their arms, or he just immediately goes to wanting to be taken by them.

Whenever we go to the mall or grocery shopping, we sit him in the cart and when a stranger stops and talks to him, he holds his arms up wanting that stranger to take him. Or even when he’s in our arms and someone we don’t know comes up and starts talking to him, he’ll point the person, signifying he wants them to take him.

It’s not quite a problem. I don’t mind that he’s not scared of strangers. It makes taking him out way more pleasant, but what I do mind, is the fact that those strangers sometimes actually take him in their arms! It hasn’t happened while he’s in the cart, but when he’s in our arms and suddenly wants to go in a stranger’s arms, it happened more than once that that person took him! I never moved away before they could take him because I didn’t want to seem overprotective, but I do NOT enjoy it.

I don’t understand why someone would take a complete stranger’s baby in his arms. You don’t know them; you probably won’t ever see them again, so why take their baby in your arms? It’s the strangest thing in the world, and the one thing that annoys me the most. I don’t want my baby to grow up scared of strangers, but I want him to still be careful; and it would help a lot to teach him to be safe around strangers if they would stop taking him in their arms!


Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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