Back in my hometown



Our first official day in my hometown was the first of July. Since I’m Canadian, this meant celebrating our beautiful country. We started the day with a breakfast in the hotel we stayed at. Then we met up with an old friend of mine to watch the parade. It seemed a bit shorter than I remembered, but it HAS been about 7 years since I’ve seen this parade so my memory may be playing tricks on me. We saw floats of what seemed to be a soccer team, and another one of the cheerleaders. There was also the ATV club showing off their rides. There were also random guys with their sports cars. The creepiest thing I saw was Ronald McDonald. I am not a mascot person. I am terrified of those things haha. My baby was having fun until the fire trucks arrived. He got so scared by the sirens. I was hugging him and trying to cover his ears, but it was not working. My SO took him and showed him the fire trucks and then Baby stopped crying. I guess either he needed to see where the sound was coming from, or the lights calmed him.

During the afternoon, we went to the fair. Before moving, the afternoon activities used to be quite small stuff. We never used to go because it was boring. Now, there are many games to win prizes and rides. We didn’t do any rides because it was really hot outside, and I’m too much of a scaredy-cat to go on rides. We did try out three games. We didn’t win big prizes, but my baby got three cute stuffed things haha. We bought some cotton candy and went on our marry way to eat dinner. After dinner, and after Baby’s nap, we went to see the fireworks. When I used to live there, the fireworks were the best part of the day. So high up in the sky and big and beautiful; and they used to make shapes (like hearts or the Canadian flag if I remember right). I talked about them so much to my SO and was so excited to show him how good my hometown made fireworks. Sadly, they decided to change where they did them. Now they’re super low and not quite as good as they used to be. We had to move closer to the field they were shooting them from, and even then we had a hard time seeing them. But when they were high enough for us to see, they were pretty. Not as good as before I moved, but still way better then what they do where I live now.

Our second day was less eventful. The only thing I really wanted to do was take pictures at my elementary school’s park. We couldn’t stay outside for too long because of the weather. Only 20 minutes outside and my son’s cheeks were red as a tomato! Good thing we were drinking water constantly. After his nearly four hour nap, we went to the mall to eat dinner and shop a little. After that we only went back to the hotel room and that’s when things went downhill. My SO had started to have an upset stomach and, when we got back to the hotel room, he started vomiting. I suggested it might be because of the heat, but when I started vomiting.. and other things.. we knew we had caught the gastroenteritis. We spent the worst night of our lives. Barely able to sleep, needing to go to the bathroom at what felt like 10 minutes intervals and after a while our stomachs would just hurt because there wasn’t anything else to vomit. At 7a.m. I called my in-laws to ask them if they could come pick us up. We weren’t betting much on them accepting because it was a five and a half hour drive (which means 11 hours back and forth). They accepted though and we are forever in their debt. Sadly, after breakfast, my son started vomiting as well. His symptoms seemed less harsh than ours; he only vomited three times in the morning before leaving, and on our way home his stomach was hurting and when I massaged it he started pooping and fell asleep haha. After that he was pretty much back to his happy healthy self.

It was an awful end to a super trip to my hometown. I’m glad we at least got to enjoy our time there and only had to suffer on the last night and on the trip back home.


Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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