Children’s Place&Carters Haul

On the first week of July, we went on a mini vacation to my hometown and there I couldn’t help myself but buy a few items for my son. Sometimes I just can’t resist the cuteness!

Let’s start with Children’s Place since I didn’t buy much there.

I simply couldn’t resist those two shirts. I’m in love with the minions and I feel like monkeys are my son’s theme 🙂


Since we didn’t find much at Children’s Place (and my baby still needed some pajamas and shorts) we decided to go to Carters

I just adored the colors on this outfit. And I couldn’t resist those cute shorts!



Of course, I couldn’t not buy this ensemble with a cute monkey on it! Sadly, the lady didn’t give me the right size (and I didn’t think to check). Instead of a 18m it’s a 12m :S He won’t be able to wear it for long 😦



Lastly I found a pajama that was perfect. It’s a three piece with the t-shirt, a pair of shorts and long pants. I was looking for ensembles like that because I think he’s going to stay in 18m for a while so I was looking for pajamas that would do in summer and in autumn.


There we go! My little shopping spree in my hometown 🙂 I’ll be posting our little adventure there on Monday.


Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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