The Outsiders, Movie Review

the outsiders



The Outsiders came out in movie form in 1983. I have to keep that in mind when I’m watching it because of how badly it’s made. The only thing I enjoyed out of the movie is the fact that Patrick Swayze played Darry. They cut a whole chapter in the beginning and two chapters at the end. I know they can’t fit everything in, but by cutting those chapters completely they left out a big part of the story.

Another thing I did not enjoy is how the actors didn’t fit the description of the characters at all. Some of them were supposed to have blond hair and they all had dark hair. I could’ve ignored that fact if only the actors were actually any good. Every time one of them spoke, it just felt so wrong. As if they weren’t in the right vibe. Sometimes they would say something and sound so dramatic, but it didn’t feel that dramatic in the book. Or when Two-Bit was talking to Ponyboy about the rumble; in the movie he’s all serious, but Two-Bit is never serious in the book (that’s why they call him Two-Bit). They also added some scenes that aren’t in the book. If you’re going to cut part of the story from the book, don’t add some scenes of your own.

Overall, I’m very disappointed by the movie. Like I said, I have to keep in mind that it was made in 1983 so I can’t ask much of them. I still think they could’ve done a better job. One thing is for sure, you definitely can’t just watch the movie. You HAVE to read the book to get the whole feeling of the story. With only the movie, you’ll just be left with a weird feeling like you just watched some scraps of different movies put together.

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