The First Birthday Party


My baby’s first birthday was good. The only thing I wish would’ve gone better is my time planning. My family started arriving and I hadn’t even started setting the table with refreshments and snacks. I also hadn’t made Xavier’s cake yet, and the sandwiches for dinner.

The day started out as planned. I got up around 8:30-9am and started cleaning what hadn’t been cleaned already. Then I started making the cake. While I was mixing the ingredients, my sister called to tell me my mom and co. were already on their way and she would be on her way soon as well. That’s when everything started going bad because I was stressing too much.

I perfectly know the cake mix I bought is for two 9” cakes, and yet I put the whole mix in one 9” cake. Result? It wouldn’t cook in the middle, so I had to go buy another mix, in addition to the cake I got made by the pastry chef at the grocery store and many other things. I also had to pick up lunch since we realized we had forgotten to buy us something while focusing on buying supplies for the party. All of this delayed my schedule.

When the guests arrived, I still needed to clean a bit of the living room (which is where the party was at), finish the banner of pictures of Xavier through the year, set the table with the refreshments and the snacks, and make the sandwiches for dinner. Good thing the guests were my family, so they were completely fine with just hanging out in the living room, talking among each other, while me and my SO finished doing everything.
Once everything was done, I finally got to sit down and enjoy the party. Around 4:30pm Xavier opened up his gifts. He got some toys and clothes, and he loved every bits of it. He would play a bit with every object. One time, my SO had to take the toy out of his hands so he could open another present, and Xavier leaned on the side to grab back the toy. It was funny. And then when it was clothes he’d get, he would take it in his hands and check it for a second, then stretch his arm to grab the other present. Everyone found it hilarious. After opening the gifts, we sat down to eat dinner.

Finally, after eating many sandwiches, we brought the cake in and sang Happy Birthday to my little boy. He was looking at everyone with a big smile on his face as if he knew what was going on. It was too cute. When we gave him his cake to eat, he didn’t quite dig in as I had hoped, but he still got messy with frosting. He pretty much only wanted the frosting. He’d grab some frosting with the tip of his fingers and make sure he didn’t grab some cake with it. After that we just cleaned up, gave a bath to Xavier and kept talking for a while.

The next day, it was a little celebration with the in-laws since they couldn’t make it to the party. We gave another piece of the cake to Xavier and this time he dug in. He grabbed a huge handful of the piece of cake and brought it to his mouth. He chewed on it like that until he had it all in his mouth. It was hilarious.

Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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