Gangster Squad

gangster squad  January 11th, 2013


Gangster Squad is a film noir following John “Sarge” (Josh Brolin), Jerry (Ryan Gosling), and other police officers that are trying to take down Mickey Cohen (Sean Penn); a gangster that is taking control of L.A. in 1949.

Police Chief Bill (Nick Nolte) enrolls Sarge to get a team together and take down Cohen. With judges and police officers under Cohen’s control, Bill believes they need to go undercover and destroy everything Cohen has built to drive him out of the city. When Sarge talks about this with his pregnant wife, Connie (Mireille Enos), she isn’t happy about it, but decides the best thing she can do is help pick out his crew to make sure they’re the best.

With their first heist ending terribly, the Squad decides to wiretap Cohen’s house. While getting out, Jerry and Conwell (Giovanni Ribisi) are seen by Cohen’s girlfriend, Grace (Emma Stone), whom is also Jerry’s girlfriend. That’s when Conwell learns about Jerry and Grace’s secret relationship. With the information from the wiretap, the Squad is able to destroy many of Cohen’s businesses.

While all of his businesses are being burnt to the ground, Cohen puts his project for a large wire gambling business in high gear, hoping to get it working before the Gangster Squad can find out where he’s setting it. Feeling pressured with the time, Sarge asks Jerry if he could use his relationship with Grace to gain information on Cohen’s gambling business whereabouts. Since Jerry doesn’t want to put Grace in danger, he tells Sarge they need to find another way. Conwell figures out that if he uses wire transmissions he’ll be able to locate the building.

After his big top secret project was burned down, Cohen suspects his house being bugged. When he finds out where the wiretap is, things go downhill pretty fast for the Squad.

Gangster Squad is not the usual kind of movie I like to watch. I decided to watch it because Emma Stone was in it. But I was not disappointed at all. This movie was so good! Of course there were those few bits that are predictable in an action movie, but I still enjoyed it. I mostly liked how it could be an action film with bits of comedy in it. I always avoided action movies because they were too serious, but not this one. This movie is a perfect combination of action and comedy and suspense. I definitely recommend it to everyone.


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