Month 12, May 2014


11 months, 24.7lbs

At the beginning of May, we started making him walk a bit more on his own. My SO and I would get farther from each other than we were before so that Xavier would walk a longer distance on his own. He started getting really good at walking the length of the living room. He still had to stay calm or else he would fall, but he was still very good at staying up.

One thing that surprised me is how he just suddenly decided to eat on his own. I was giving him Puffs after lunch and the first few I had to put them in his mouth, but when I put some more he grabbed a handful and put them in his mouth! All of a sudden he was feeding himself! I was so surprised and happy I think I had tears in my eyes again. This time, it stuck. It wasn’t just one piece that he put in his mouth; he started full on eating with his hands right then. I was one happy momma!

During the month, his four top teeth finally came out. He must’ve spent about two weeks with four big white bumps that wouldn’t pierce. His top central incisors came out on the 6th and 7th, followed by his lateral incisors on the 16th and 17th (or 18th not sure). We would gladly take a break from teething, but now he’s in the period where his bottom lateral incisors are supposed to come out. Hopefully, they won’t decide to show themselves for a while.

Baby teeth

At the end of the month, we started another class in the pool. I saw a baby about 8 months clapping his hands and I felt a little like a bad mom because my almost 1 year old didn’t clap his hands yet. So during that day I started trying to show Xavier how to clap his hands. To my surprise, he started clapping his hands without me showing him first when we were on our way to the mall! Again, one happy momma right here!

Last, but not least, we were showing off at his birthday party how he could walk well on small distances, and he just decided to start walking on his own around the living room! Not only between mommy and daddy anymore!


Until Next Time!

Young Mom ❤

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