Children of the Mind

children of the mind



With Jane being able to bring ships Outside then back Inside, she spends most of her energy making Miro and Young Val travel near possible planets they could colonize with the citizens of Lusitania. While Miro and Young Val are doing that, Peter brings Wang-Mu to Divine Wind to find the source of Starways Congress in hopes they can convince them to stop the Lusitania fleet from using the Little Doctor. They find a man, Hikari, that influences the Necessarians through his writtings, and they influence Starways Congress. Thinking their visit was a failure, except for learning what religion Hikari practices, Peter and Wang-Mu are brought by Jane to another planet where they meet Grace. Grace is supposedly the one that influences Hikari’s way of thinking. They also meet Malu, a man that is able to see the Outside. He talks to them about how the God they call Jane was made.

Learning that Young Val is slowly dying because Ender’s aiua isn’t paying enough attention to her, Miro walks up to the Hive Queen and asks if she could put Jane’s aiua in Young Val’s body. That’s when they learn Jane hasn’t been making them look just for colonisable worlds. With the data they were gathering, Jane was trying to find the planet where the descolada virus was made. Knowing that this was their true mission, Young Val suddenly becomes more energetic. But while Young Val feels more alive than ever, Ender’s old body is slowly decomposing because now his aiua isn’t paying enough attention to him.

With the threat of Starways Congress shutting off the ansible connections and killing off Jane, time is of the essence. While Peter and Wang-Mu are still trying to influence Starways Congress in stopping the fleet, Miro and Young Val bring Ela, Quara, Firequencher (a pequenino) and one of the Hive Queen’s workers with them on a last voyage around the descoladores planet to try and decode their language, and the Hive Queen and the father trees are trying to make a web that’ll catch Jane’s and Ender’s aiuas when they die so they can be redirected where they need to be.

Even though Children of the Mind is the last of the Ender quartet, the book is more focused on Peter, Miro and Jane. At first I wasn’t happy at all that Ender was dying, but when he did, it just seemed like the perfect ending to his life. I was extremely sad and cried like a baby, but the story was better for it. My favorite parts are of Peter and Wang-Mu. Those two are a perfect combination. Always picking at one another. My all time favorite part is when Jane is dying and Peter is just crouched in the sand, rocking back and forth, crying, and telling her “Jane, I hear you. I’m speaking to you. Here I am”. I adore that part because it was before Peter had every part of Ender’s aiua in him. When he was supposed to be Peter the cruel and ruthless man, he just collapsed when his friend Jane was dying. It was not something I was expecting of him.

I simply loved the whole quartet. I’m extremely sad that I’ve finished reading them, but I will definitely be checking out the other books in the Ender series. There are supposed to be 7 more in the Ender series and I don’t quite understand what they’re supposed to be since Children of the Mind is supposed to be the conclusion, but I will still be checking them out. I suggest you do the same!


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Young Mom ❤

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